Transportation of full loads

The main activity of company ORTIMA is transportation of goods between Sweden, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Russian Federation. While carrying out orders, special attention is paid to perfect timing of loading and delivery. We provide information about vehicle location regularly and promptly. All vehicles are equipped with the necessary number of belts, cross boards, and corner protectors for safe lashing of cargo and ensuring its safety during transportation.

ORTIMA owns more than 90 trucks that meet EURO5 – EURO6 requirements, modern “curtain-sided” semitrailers intended for cargo transportation with the TIR Carnets, vehicles of 120 m3 capacity, Mega and refrigerators. We provide prompt and continuous delivery of raw materials to factories, saving space in warehouses and ensuring their smooth operation.

We have a lot of experience with customs escorted (convoy) transportation, when the TIR Carnet guarantee is insufficient. If necessary, we provide supplementary insurance of your goods.

We focus our efforts on regular cargo flows, but we organize one-time transportations as well.

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