Quality and environmental protection

ORTIMA arranges the activities of the company and a clear implementation of internal processes guided by the international quality management standard ISO9001. This ensures that our transportation services and logistics solutions provide you with a competitive advantage on the market. We always keep in touch with our customers meeting all their expectations. Our company takes full responsibility for the quality of the services and the obligations. We strive to make sure that your needs are best met at every stage of transportation.

ORTIMA creates a responsible and motivating work environment that encourages professional attitude to work. We appreciate the high-quality and efficient work, encourage employee motivation, and self-improvement. The company constantly raises qualification and competence of the staff.

Guided by the quality management standard ISO9001, we accelerate the process of implementation and adaptation of new employees into the company structure, which allows them to perform their duties better and to avoid mistakes. ORTIMA always strives for the common goal – providing reliability.

See ISO9001 certificate.

We carry out the processes to improve environmental protection according to the standard of ISO14001. We accept full responsibility for our activities and their impact on the environment. Guided by the standard ISO14001 we take the following measures:

  • Constant renewal our fleet : EURO 5 / EURO 6;
  • Reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Reduction of emissions.
  • Use of navigation systems for route optimization.
  • Trainings in fuel efficient driving.

We comply with the company policies in the field of environmental protection. Due to the controlled process, technical and organizational solutions we reduce our negative impact on the environment.

See ISO14001 certificate.

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