The main aim of the company is to deliver cargo on time. We work with large factories, mills, and terminals. For this reason ORTIMA clearly imagines the importance of loading and delivery of cargo on time. We organize our work so that the vehicles would move quickly and efficiently.

Our work is organized at the precision of a Swiss watch. Each month we analyze qualitative indicators of completed orders, delve into possible problems in the team approach, and take preventive measures. ORTIMA does not give empty promises, but at the same time we evaluate our possibilities and capabilities sensibly. If an order is confirmed, we are confident that we will fulfill it on time.

The fleet now consists of more than 90 trucks and trailers that meet the EURO-5 – EURO-6 standards. Reliable transportation is the cornerstone of quality services, so we take care of our fleet, constantly updating and repairing it only at the authorized dealers.

Our drivers have many years of experience in international transportation and ADR certificates. They know how to deal with different kinds of goods, to ensure their safety during transportation. In an effort to save fuel and to reduce our harmful environmental impact, ORTIMA constantly invests in efficient driving trainings for drivers.

All our vehicles are connected to the GPS tracking system, which allows us to provide information about the current location of your cargo quickly and accurately. Permanent partners are provided with an access to the information system, which allows them to monitor their cargo movement online.

We are prepared for any unexpected incidents on the road and even if they occur, we always have an action plan, monitor the situation and have it under control.

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