About Us

We are creating a modern, efficient, and socially responsible company, which cares about the quality of service and minimizing its negative impact on the environment. Our company provides services of transportation between Scandinavia, The Customs Union, and the Baltic States.

During 25 years of work ORTIMA found its specialization and market niche. We are perfectly aware of the countries, to which we travel, and their features. We offer flexible and efficient transportation solutions to meet your needs.

Our Mission

  • Maximum satisfaction of customer needs providing high-quality services of goods transportation by road transport.


  • A highly efficient company with a leading position on the market of transportation services in LITHUANIA, SWEDEN, and RUSSIA regions. We consider quality of our services as the basic prerequisite in achieving this goal.

Our values

  • Constant growth and development.
  • Openness to communication and innovation.
  • Flexibility, that allows adapting to rapidly changing conditions, and new challenges.
  • Ability and willingness to listen, and, more important, to hear the customer, that allows us to create a comfortable atmosphere for communication.
  • Confidence: only trusting each other it is possible to build long-lasting relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners.

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